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Why You Should Join Professional Associations if You’re in Healthcare

Professional Associations are groups of professionals in a specific industry who join together to connect with others in their field, perform research or advocacy work, and otherwise educate each other on what they’ve learned during their careers. They’re a great way to connect with others in your industry and show your commitment to continuous improvement. Read on for some reasons you should consider joining one.

1. They can help you network

Networking is one of the best things you can do to further your career, and joining a professional association is one of the best ways to do it! You’ll be in touch with other professionals in your field, and will be able to connect, talk about the industry, and hear about job openings that may not be public information. For more information on networking, check out this article.

2. They allow you to learn from other professionals

Just like with networking, meeting other professionals is always a good idea if you’re looking to further your career. Connecting with and talking to others in your field is a great way to gain valuable industry insight or learn things that will be useful to you along the way.

3. They can show your industry knowledge to your patients

When patients are looking for a new provider, they want someone who they can trust to provide them the best care. By listing professional associations on your company’s website or anywhere you share information about yourself (such as LinkedIn) you can gain more of that trust, and hopefully, more patients.

4. They’re generally easy to join

Professional associations want a lot of members, so there aren’t really any barriers to entry (except that you need to be in the same field!) To sign up, you usually just provide some information about yourself, as well as a membership fee.

5. They look good on your resume

When furthering your career, you always have to think about your resume! Adding professional associations will show that you’re serious about your career and you’re focused on continuous learning.

With all of that said, here are a few associations you might consider joining!


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