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How Networking Can Assist You in Your Career

Whether entry-level or executive professional, if you’re looking to further your career, networking is an exceptionally important tool. Networking is the act of building connections and relationships with professionals in your field and related fields. The end goal of successful networking is to build connections with people you can ask favors from, and provide favors in return, to create mutually beneficial relationships. There are a lot of ways to create a network, including events, clubs, conference, and social media. Read on to find why networking is important, and how it can help with your career!

Help you find new hires

If you’re hiring for an open position, your network can be a great help! If they’re in the same industry, they may know someone who would be a great fit.

Offer professional advice

There are times in your career when you’ll have to make some big decisions! Having a great network of professionals that have been through the same things can be immensely helpful at these times. Having someone to talk to can help you make the right choices for your career.

Let you know about potential job openings

If you’re between jobs, or you’re looking for the next step in your career, your network can be a great resource! If you know people in similar fields, they may be able to let you know about potential openings at their own jobs, or a position that someone in their network is hiring for.

Tell you about potential clients

A great network will always want you to be successful! Whether you’re starting a new business, expanding to a new target market, or just need to boost your clientele, your network can help you find them. If they are in similar industries, they may know of clients who need you!

These points should be reason enough to get networking! Make sure to check out our Tips for Your LinkedIn Profile to get started.


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