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Why You Aren't Getting Hired

The job market is evolving at a rapid rate. Long gone are the days of searching for a job in the newspaper, or sending an application in the mail - nowadays, there are a variety of tools and resources at companies' disposal to automate and change the hiring process- and if you aren't keeping up, you can end up falling behind. Here are the most common reasons you might not be getting hired - and how to get around them.

You aren’t getting through the ATS

In today’s high-tech society, hiring managers aren’t checking every single application, or reading over every submitted resume. Instead, most companies use an Applicant Tracking System, or ATS, which scans candidates’ resumes for specific keywords. Unfortunately, many of these systems are not entirely accurate, and can end up sorting out candidates with great qualifications- just because they aren’t using the right keywords. To get around this, make sure you are reading each job description, and editing your resume to fit. This doesn’t mean making up qualifications you don’t have, just using the same terminology as the job description to increase your chances of being selected by the ATS.

You aren’t on social media

Another important factor is making sure there is information about you on the internet. This doesn’t mean sacrificing personal information or internet safety – but having a well-rounded, active LinkedIn account can certainly help if your potential employer wants to learn a little bit more about you. If you need some tips for setting up your account, check out our Tips for Building Your LinkedIn Profile.

You didn’t research the company

If you’re looking for a job meant to further your career, match your personal goals, and provide the right type of culture for you to thrive, you need to research them! This can not only prevent you from applying for jobs that won’t be a good fit for you, it will also help you in an interview. Research the company’s website and social media channels, and write down any questions you have – “How would you describe the communication style of your team?” “What learning and professional development opportunities are available to employees?” “What is the onboarding process like?” This will make you seem interested and professional. Check out more interview tips here.

You aren’t using a recruiter

Studies show up to 80% of jobs aren’t published publicly- they’re filled through networking or recruitment. Getting in touch with a recruiter will get you in the know and open you up to a lot more opportunities! To get in touch with one of our recruiters, contact us here.

Companies aren’t necessarily hiring locals

The world is a much smaller place nowadays, and a lot more job candidates are open to moving for their positions! Now that companies aren’t limited to a local pool of potential employees, the list of competitors is even larger. Even more reason for you to read up on Job Interview Tips, Resume Tips, and LinkedIn Profile Tips!

Happy job hunting!


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