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Tips for building your LinkedIn profile

Updated: Aug 30, 2022

Job search on LinkedIn

In today’s technology-driven world, job searching has moved largely online, and social media and job search platforms are some of the main ways to make yourself available for new opportunities. Even if you aren’t using social media to apply for jobs, there’s still a good chance that potential employers will look up your LinkedIn profile to screen you before beginning the hiring process. Here are some tips for building up your online profile to help you land your dream job!

Treat your LinkedIn profile like you’re preparing a resume

The Internet is what drives today’s society, so it’s important that you treat your LinkedIn profile as if it is a resume for future employers. This means keep it professional, up-to-date, and full of easily accessible information about you. Read on for what exactly that information should be!

Professional Profile Picture

A professional profile picture is one of the most important aspects of your LinkedIn profile. Those with a profile photo (instead of none at all) are 36 times more likely to receive a message on LinkedIn. A professional headshot is the best option, but if you can’t afford to have one taken, have a friend take a photo of you outside or against a solid-colored wall (try to avoid white, as it can make you look washed out!) Take your photo in bright, indirect light (avoid a lot of shadows) and make sure you’re wearing professional attire – something you would wear to a job interview!

A well-thought-out background photo

Your LinkedIn header photo will be the first thing a future employer sees when they navigate to your profile, so make it stand out! Choose a high-quality image of something that is relevant or important to you, like your city, your college, or something similar.

A headline

This will go at the very top of your Linkedin profile and will provide a quick introduction to anyone who is scanning your profile. You can use your current job title, or, if you’re on the market, highlight your skills that will help you land the job you’re looking for – such as “Marketing Professional with Graphic Design Skills” or “Newly Graduated Nursing Professional”

Your biography

Your bio is your chance to tell future employers a bit more about yourself! Use a mixture of personal details (such as where you grew up or went to college) and your relevant skills (both soft and hard skills – you can read more about these here.) and how you’ve used those skills in your past and current positions (try using a short anecdote without too many details!). Keep it concise, use professional language, and make sure to proofread!

Grow your network

If you’re career-driven, networking should become a part of your daily life. Interact with people and companies online and grow your network whenever you meet new colleagues. Be active and share posts that are relevant to you and your career. Try to set a goal to add someone new to your network every week and spend 15 minutes every day liking and commenting on others’ posts. It will make a big difference!

List your skills

The skills section on your LinkedIn profile will be similar to the skills section on your resume. List both soft and hard skills, being sure to highlight those that will be most necessary for jobs you’re looking for. As you move forward in your career, make sure you are continuing to add relevant skills and remove any skills that no longer fit the positions you’re applying for. You don’t want this section to get overrun with skills that aren’t relevant!

Take skills assessments

LinkedIn’s skills assessments are a great way to prove your skills. They offer a large number of assessments, offering testing for technical, business, and design skills. Take assessments that relate to your industry, and re-take assessments when available to make sure you have the highest score possible!

LinkedIn is quickly becoming a necessary tool for building your career and your business network. Use these tools to help you stand out! And, if you want some tips for building your resume, read up on these Tips for a Fantastic Resume.

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