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What is Recruiting and How Does it Work?

How Does Recruiting Help Businesses?

Finding quality employees can be a difficult process, especially during employee shortages or if the position is highly specialized. This can use up a lot of time and resources that businesses would otherwise be using to grow. By enlisting the help of a recruiter or recruitment firm, businesses can hand over the job to someone who is very familiar with the hiring process and knows how to find quality candidates.

How Does Recruitment Help Job Seekers?

Working with a recruiter can be beneficial for both parties involved – the business that needs new employees, and qualified candidates who are looking for a new job. Recruiters can assist job seekers with adjusting their resumes or practicing interviews. They also have access to more jobs than are publicly visible on job boards, so working with one can open up new opportunities. You can read more about how recruiters can assist job seekers here.

What is the Difference Between Recruiting and Hiring?

While they are very similar processes, recruiting and hiring have one difference: hiring typically involves the processing of active candidates who apply directly with a company (typically done by the hiring company), whereas recruiting is the act of seeking out/finding passive candidates and presenting them for consideration of a position (oftentimes using outside recruiting firms).

What is the Recruiting Process Like?

The first step of the recruiting process involves getting all the information needed for the hiring process. Recruiters will ask the hiring company to provide details on the job requirements, responsibilities of the position, compensation, and any benefits provided by the company. Once they have gathered the necessary information, they will begin looking for qualified candidates. They will reach out to candidates, go over their resumes, and complete preliminary interviews, before presenting them to the client for a final interview and hiring.

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