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Why Work With a Recruiter?

Whether you’re a new graduate, changing your career path, or just looking for a new opportunity, there are a lot of questions that come with finding a new job. From gaining higher visibility with employers, to saving time and resources, there are a multitude of reasons why working with a recruiter may be the best way to find your next position.

They can alleviate some of the strain

Looking for a job is hard work! Doing research on companies, finding positions that match your qualifications, finding a company with a culture that fits your work style… it can take a lot of effort. A recruiter can do all of that for you. They can send your resume, talk to the hiring manager, and schedule interviews on your behalf. You’ll still be connecting with them every step of the way, but they can take on the brunt of the labor!

More opportunities

Recruiters have a lot of knowledge on what jobs are available, meaning that they also know about jobs that are a little harder to find, or which may not even be publicly listed. If it’s becoming difficult to find jobs you haven’t applied to yet, or you aren’t sure where to look, a recruiter may be the best option.

Preparation & Feedback

Creating a resume and preparing for an interview can be difficult, especially if you’re a new grad or you haven’t made a career change in a while. Recruiters see a huge number of resumes, so they know what employers are looking for! A recruiter can help make sure your resume is well-written and can provide feedback when needed to assist you in getting your dream job. They can also help negotiate your salary and benefits so you’re getting everything you deserve from your new company!

Higher visibility

When you apply for jobs yourself, there’s a good chance you’re going to get lost in a sea of other candidates. Recruiters present resumes directly to the hiring manager, so you’ll know you’re being seen by the employer.

They’re free

Recruiters aren’t paid by you; they’re paid by the employer once you get a job! Working with a recruiter is completely free for the employee, so what is there to lose?

If you're ready to take the next step for your career, we can help! Contact us here to get in touch with a recruiter and find your dream job!


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