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Tips to Impress Your Interviewers Over the Phone

With the increasing number of remote jobs in the US, many companies are moving away from in-person interviews to those over the phone. Don’t let these changes throw you off! Read on for some tips on acing your next phone interview.

1. Get comfy.

No one will see you, so don’t worry about your business attire – just get comfy! Don your favorite comfy sweatpants or wrap up in a blanket. Being comfortable = less anxiety = better interview!

2. Research the company.

Like with any interview, whether it be on the phone or in person, you need to do your research beforehand. Look over the company website to learn about their mission and values, take a look at what they post on social media, and definitely look over their LinkedIn profile! If you need more tips for researching a company, you can find them here.

3. Think of some good anecdotes.

It’s common for interviewers to ask things like “what are your strengths?” or “how do you perform under pressure?” instead of just giving basic answers, demonstrate your personality with anecdotes that convey the answers – such as a time when you handled a particularly tricky issue at a previous job. Interviewers love proof!

4. Remove distractions.

Your interviewers may not be able to see you, but they’ll know if you’re distracted or not 100% there. Get yourself set up in a room by yourself, with a notepad and pen to take notes.

5. Ask questions.

This goes back to your previous research of the company. Make sure you have some questions prepared for your interviewers – it will show that you’re serious about getting to know more about the company and making sure your goals align with theirs. Check out some ideas for questions here.

6. Send a follow up.

After your interview, follow up with your interviewers. At a minimum, send a thank you note by email. Or, if you really want to knock their socks off, send the note through regular mail! This is another way to show that you’re serious about the position.

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