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Why You Should Research a Company Before Interviewing – and How to Do it

Chances are, you’ve done some casual job searching – Scrolling mindlessly through job posts and clicking “apply” before submitting a probably-outdated resume as you think “why not?” and go on with your day. We all do it- and companies know that. With this new ability to apply for jobs in 10 seconds, companies have had to become hyper-vigilant to make sure they are only interviewing and hiring serious applicants. Our point is: research companies you are applying to!

If you really want a new job, you’re going to need to put in more effort than a 10 second application. Fix up your resume, update your LinkedIn profile, and research the company! Read on for the questions you should be asking about a potential employer, and how to find the answers.

What’s their mission statement?

This is probably the most important thing to research if you’re about to interview for a position. What does the company stand for? What are their goals? How do they want to affect the world around them? If you’re planning on working for a company, you need to make sure their mission is something you’re willing to stand for.

What have they achieved and what is their history?

Companies generally list their achievements on their own websites, but you can also do a quick Google search to see if they’ve appeared in recent news anywhere. You want to make sure the company is a good one, and searching the news can also help you check if there’s any dirt on them that might make you want to steer clear (i.e., sexual harassment or misconduct!).

Who are your interviewers?

You don’t need to cyber-stalk your interviewers, but it is important to know who they are, what their position is, and a little bit about them. A great place to start is on their LinkedIn profile. This will provide you with their position in the company, their career information, and their posts and shares will offer some insight into who they are as well.

What do they post on social media?

Check out the company’s Facebook and Instagram pages to see what they’re posting. You’ll find out a little more about what they’re up to, what their brand is like, and how they choose to be seen.

What do their reviews look like?

Lastly, check out reviews on the company. To find reviews from clients & customers, you can check Google or Yelp - they might appear on other sites as well, depending on the industry. You can also check reviews from past and current employees on sites such as Indeed or Glassdoor. Employee reviews can help offer some insight on what the company is doing right, and what it may have done wrong. This gives you the opportunity to ask your interviewers about past company mistakes and what they’re doing to resolve these issues.

So, next time you decide to submit a quick application – stop yourself, and think: do I really want to work here? If the answer is yes, do your research! Happy job hunting!

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