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Job Interview Do's and Don'ts

Updated: Jul 26, 2022

Job interviews are a time for you to prove yourself to future employers. What many companies won’t tell you is that how you handle a job interview is more important than your education or experience when it comes to getting the job. Interviewers want to hire someone who is enthusiastic and genuine, with good social skills and a positive attitude. Follow these do’s and don’ts during your interview, and you’ll be sure to ace it!


Speak slowly and enunciate. People who speak too quickly can be seen as frantic and untrustworthy. Make sure you are clearly understood by your interviewers!


Talk over your interviewers. Good conversationalists are as good at listening as they are at speaking! Listen to everything your interviewer says and show genuine interest.


Be yourself! Relax, take a deep breath, and emphasize your positive attributes. Describe your abilities and assets in relation to the position. Using specific stories that prove these attributes is a good idea as well, as it can help your interviewer to understand more about you.


Discuss finances too soon. This should be one of the last items discussed in the interview. If compensation is discussed, be careful not to give the impression that money is your only interest. Interviewers want to hire someone with a genuine interest in the position. If you are offered the job, there will be time for financial negotiations later. Don’t try to negotiate the salary for a job that has not been offered to you!


Ask questions about the job. Interviews go both ways – you need to make sure the position is one that you will enjoy, that you are paid fairly, and that the company culture and missions align with your own. You don’t want to end up with a job you don’t enjoy!

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