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Reschedule Your Job Interview – Without Losing the Opportunity

You’re in a dilemma: you’ve scheduled an interview, but now something has come up and you can’t make it. What do you do? Read on to find out.

1. Give as much notice as you can.

If you suspect that you’ll have to reschedule your interview, do it as soon as possible! Cancelling at the last second can make you seem disorganized and unreliable, which may make the hiring manager change their mind about you. Obviously, offering advance notice isn’t possible in an emergency, but try to give a timely notice if you can.

2. Apologize.

When reaching out to your interviewer, you should first apologize for the inconvenience of moving your meeting. This will make you seem genuine and assure the interviewer that you still want to meet, you’re just not able to.

3. Provide a reason.

You don’t need to give them your life story, or even explain the situation in detail. Something as simple as “a family emergency” or “an issue at work” is a good enough explanation to warrant moving your meeting. If you just tell them you need to move the meeting without providing a reason, it may make you seem disinterested in the position, which isn’t a good look. You want to reassure them that you still want the job!

4. Provide your availability to reschedule.

Next, provide the hiring manager with your availability, so that they can easily reschedule. Provide 2-3 dates with 2-3 time slots on each day, in case they have a busy schedule and need some options for fitting you in. The easier you make it for them, the better.

5. Restate your excitement.

Let your interviewer know that you are still interested and excited to speak to them about the position! This will reassure them that you are still a great candidate for the role.

6. Thank them for understanding.

Finish your correspondence by thanking your interviewer in advance for their patience and understanding with you. No need to grovel, just be polite and professional!

7. Don’t miss the next one!

Last and most important: if you postpone your interview, don’t do it again! Make sure that you can show up on time and fully prepared for your rescheduled interview. Otherwise, it’s likely that the company will decide to focus on their other applicants.

Time for your interview! Prepare with our Job Interview Do’s and Don’ts.


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