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How to Write a Professional Medical Resignation Letter

Resigning can be a tricky business. You want to exit a position professionally while keeping important relationships. A well-written resignation letter is a way to extend a professional courtesy to your employers and remain on good terms. Read on for the best way to professionally quit your job when you’re ready to move on to bigger and better things!

1. Heading

Keep this professional. Include your name, the date, and the company name. Nothing over-the-top!


Rachel Owens


Good Times, Inc.

2. Statement of Resignation

Don’t beat around the bush – just start with the statement to make sure you are clearly telling your employer what they need to know. This part should be very straightforward!


Dear [Manager’s Name],

This letter is to inform you of my intention to resign from my position as [Job Title] with [Company Name].

3. Include the date of your last day

Professional standards state that this should always be at least two weeks after you’ve submitted your resignation letter, to make sure the company has ample time to begin looking for a replacement. Like the previous point, you want to mention this point right off the bat to make sure it is clearly stated.


My resignation will be effective two weeks from today, on [date of last day].

4. State your appreciation for the company

At this point in your letter, you can show a little more of your individuality. Thank your manager for the job opportunity, as well as for the things you have learned while working with the company. Thank your employer for the opportunity and growth that you received from working there. Even if you have any hard feelings for your management or the company, keep them out of your resignation letter. You don’t want to burn any bridges! You may need your manager as a reference in the future, so you’ll want to stay on good terms.

5. Name and signature

Finish your letter with your name and signature. No need for extravagance – just keep it simple!



John Smith


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