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How to Actually Get a Job Fast

The job market is a tough place to be. Studies show that the average job search takes about 16 weeks on average, which is not ideal if you aren't currently working! Although it's not likely you'll find the job of your dreams ASAP, these tips will help you secure a position as quickly as possible.

1. Make a list of your skills and qualifications.

Start off by writing down everything you know how to do or have experience in. This will allow you to be realistic with your job search, while also increasing the efficiency. Write down all your skills and qualifications, as well as any volunteer work, non-technical skills (think customer service, problem solving), and any certifications you may have earned. Use this list to do some research to find out which jobs meet your qualifications. That way, you can use your valuable time applying to the right jobs, and you won’t waste time sending out applications for jobs you don’t want, or those you aren’t qualified for.

2. Refresh your resume and cover letter.

After planning out the kinds of jobs that will work for you, you’ll need to do a refresh of your resume and cover letter. Remove any skills that aren’t relevant, and highlight your work experience that will make you seem the most cut-out for the jobs you’re interested in. For each job you apply to, make sure to tweak your resume and cover letter to customize it for that specific company and position. Hiring managers won’t be interested in someone who sends out the same resume to every company- they want to know that you are interested in them specifically. If you need some info on how to create a great resume, check out our tips here.

3. Talk to your network.

The best way to find a job is through your network. About 80% of available jobs are never advertised – just filled through networking! Reach out and ask if anyone is hiring for positions you are qualified for. If not, ask them to keep you in mind if they hear about any potential jobs. It’s a good idea to let people know you’re looking for a new job, so when they hear of one, yours will be the first name they bring up!

4. Consider a temporary position or one you might be overqualified for.

If you need a job ASAP, you might have to set your sights a little lower than what you previously anticipated. It may be worthwhile to secure a temporary position, so you can have a steady income while searching for the job of your dreams.

5. Be proactive in your interview.

Show that you care about the job by looking into the company’s website and social media before your interview. Ask questions that show you’ve done your research. Hiring managers want to know that you’re interested in them specifically, instead of just looking for any job that comes your way. If you need more interview tips, read up on them here.

6. Follow up.

Send a thank you note after! Studies show that up to 75% of interviewers expect a thank you note after an interview. It’s a great way to make sure they remember you!

Good luck on your job search! And, if you need some more assistance in finding a new position, we’re here to help! Contact us below for opportunities across the US.


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