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Three Types of Recruiting and How They Can Benefit Your Business

recruitment types

If you’re in need of new hires for your business, you may think about turning to recruiters. They can assist with seeking out and interviewing candidates on your behalf to supply you with only the best and brightest employees. If you’d like to read more about how a recruiter can help your business, you can check out 5 Reasons Your Business Should Work with a Recruitment Firm. For now, read on to learn about three different types of recruiting and how each of them works.

1. Permanent

Permanent recruiting involves hiring an outside firm to source and interview candidates on your behalf. Once they find candidates that fit the company’s specific hiring needs, they will present the candidate to the client for interviewing and hiring. This option is often the most cost effective- The client would be responsible for salary and benefits for the new hire, who would become a permanent employee. Generally, a set percentage of the new employee’s salary would be paid to the recruitment firm. Because the process involves a thorough screening process, and the employees become permanent placements, this is generally the most successful form of recruitment, and leads to the highest employee retention rate and employee happiness.

2. Travel

Travel recruitment firms specialize in hiring for travel positions, in which healthcare providers work at a location for short periods of time (about 13 weeks) before moving on to a different location. Travel firms hire employees and then send them to locations in need. Because of the short-term nature of travel recruiting, it is a more expensive form of recruitment, since all wages and benefits are provided by the travel firm. This form of recruitment is generally beneficial for places with population fluctuations, such as Florida, where the population surges in the summer months and dwindles during the winter.

3. Temporary Staffing

Staffing firms assist companies by providing temporary employees. Like travel positions, these employees work for the firm itself, instead of being hired by the employer. This means that they are also provided pay and benefits by the firm. Because staffing can be extremely expensive when used in the long term, it generally works best when a company’s needs are urgent and short-term.

We hope this helps you find the right type of recruitment firm for your business - happy hiring!


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