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Positions in Central Maine

You're invited to join the oldest family medicine residency program in New England! The program is physician-led and very comfortably-sized, with 110 employees including residents. Residents and faculty are experience comfortable working relationships and the program has much more autonomy than is typical large academic centers.

 The practice is seeking two additional dermatologists to join the team, generalists, those who can split their time between pediatric and adult dermatology or a a dermatologist is invited to do a blend of general and cosmetic dermatology. Dermatologists are assigned to just one clinic, and do not need to travel between clinic sites.

Need for Dermatologists

Maine is very underserved in the Dermatology specialty and this practice receives 100+ referrals weekly from providers in the region. A backlog of established and new patients has existed for some time, and with the addition of at least two Dermatologists, the practice will be able to serve 5,000 to 6,000 more patients a year.


Maine has the second-highest percentage of senior population in the nation. This provides dermatologists an excellent array of complex cases. The state has become quite popular for seniors moving from other states including Florida, due to the great cultural, recreational and other opportunities for them in Maine.

Maine Coast
Town in Maine

Details Include:

· Each physician works in their own modern pod with:

  • 1 RN

  • 2 MA’s/Scribes

  • 3 spacious exam rooms

  • Nurse/MA station

The clinics also include:

  • Procedure suites

  • Mohs Surgery Pod and suite

  • Spacious conference room

  • Phototherapy suite

  • Full body photography for mapping moles

A new electronic health record system is being implemented.

A Glimpse of Maine

Maine Nature

The area is known for its spectacular coastline, including a variety of beaches.

Job ID: 24431

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