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Positions in the Pacific Northwest

Tacoma is an area known for its natural landscape and vibrant culture.  Whether you're a lover of hiking, art, cuisine, or history, you can find it all!

Visit the Tacoma Art Museum, home to more than 5,000 works highlighting artists of the Pacific Northwest, along with an array of manuscripts, Renaissance sculptures, and impressionist paintings.

Spend an afternoon at the Tacoma Nature Center, home to over 70 acres of wetlands and forests.  Learn about the ecosystem of the Pacific Northwest with exhibits and hands-on activities.

Tacoma - Wei Zeng.jpg
Tacoma Skyline.jpg

About the Area

Tacoma is a city south of Seattle on the banks of Puget Sound, with a population of about 200,000. Since the 1990s, the downtown district has entered a period of revitalization, resulting in a rich culture focused on technological development, arts, and cuisine.


Seafood lovers rejoice! The Pacific Northwest is known for its amazing fresh seafood!

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