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Napa Valley, CA

Positions in Northern California

We're hiring for positions in and around Lake County, California- a beautiful region of mountains, valleys, forests, and friendly locals.

The area is home to the United States' oldest lake, a hollow volcano, and California's cleanest air.  With less inhabitants than other areas of the state, there is much more open land and a variety of places to explore.

Lake County is a family-friendly community, offering year-round events like fairs and festivals.

Northern California

About the Area

The towns of Lake County are like snowflakes- no two are exactly alike.  Mountain towns, lakeside towns, valley towns, and farming communities are just a few of the large variety offered.  Although they have their differences, each place offers the same warm and inviting sense of community.

Northern CA Nature

Enjoy all four seasons in Northern California - fall activities such as apple picking or hiking are abundant in the later months.

Take a step back in time to California's Gold Rush by visiting the Gold Nugget Museum in Paradise! View local artifacts and experience events relating to the pioneers of the 19th century. 

California's Mendocino National Forest is just a short drive away- experience 1 million acres of unique landscape, complete with awe-inspiring mountains, crystal clear lakes and rivers, and a myriad of wildlife.

California Coast

California's Northern Coast is just a short drive away. Explore the rocky beaches, fish, or boat in the Pacific Ocean.

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